Sports & Clinical Massage


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Sports & Clinical Massage is the scientific manipulation and assessments of soft tissue for…

· Maintaining good health and physical condition.

· Normalising and improvingmuscle tone.

· Reducing the effects caused by stress.

· Promoting Relaxation

· Stimulating Circulation.

There are many problems that can be helped using Sports & Remedial Massage. Clinical massage is a type of massage that focuses on Fascia or Connective tissue, which is where injuries to muscle tend to show up first. Fascia is the complex soft tissue webbing which holds us all together. It is normally a very thin, moist layer of connective tissue which is wrapped around muscles, around individual muscle fibres allowing them to slide over one another. When muscle tissue is over stretched, the fascia that binds or connects them will also be overstretched and will tear. This will create scar tissue which can bind the fascia to adjacent structures.

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