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Shock or trauma can make us out of balance, this leads to disharmony which can eventually manifest as disease.

The Aura is the Human Energy Field, it is our non-physical immune system and it has seven layers. When we suffer stress or shock it can make a tear or a hole in the aura and  negative energy can get in and cause a blockage  which can stop the energy flow. This usually starts in the outer layer and can transfer down the layers until it reaches the physical body and becomes Disease. A Healer can pull out these blockages before they reach the physical body.

The Chakras are vortices of energy that are attached to the aura, they bring in universal energy and spin clockwise to keep us in harmony. There are seven main Chakras starting from the base of the spine to above the crown. Each Chakra is attached to a layer of the aura and connected by a power current that runs up the spine. Trauma can cause Chakras to tear, spin anti-clockwise, go into chaos, get clogged or stop spinning altogether. They have to spin clockwise for us to be in harmony.

This powerful work is channelled from the Spirit World and is particulary beneficial for Bereavement, Shock, Stress and Spirit Release.

If our energy is flowing then our lives tend to flow, this results in us finding positive thinking, emotional healing, inner peace and life direction.










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