Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – Balancing Body Chemistry

Don’t play guessing games with your health….get a scientific, laboratory test.

Do you ever wonder if you are getting the required amount of nutrients? Eating our 5 a day, but making sure you are eating the right levels of mineral nutrients such as Zinc selenium, calcium etc.
A simple analysis of a hair sample measures the mineral content of your hair and gives you a wealth of information about your levels of nutrients and their ratios.

This can help show up hidden deficiencies before they cause a problem and provides the information that means adjustments to your diet and specific mineral nutrients could help improve your overall health. What can cause mineral imbalances-Stress/Diet/Medications/Pollution/Inherited Patterns/Nutrient Supplements -which can lead to mineral excess and deficiencies. A hair tissue mineral analysis provides a picture of your current body chemistry including:

1. Mineral Deficiencies and Imbalances
2. Metabolic Rate (Fast or Slow)
3. Heavy Metal Toxic Levels
4. Adrenal Function
5. Thyroid Function
6. Energy Levels
7. Nervous System Imbalances
8. Protein Synthesis
9. Inflammation
10. Liver and Kidney Stress
11. Carbohydrate Tolerance and Blood Sugar Imbalances like Diabetes and Insulin resistance

Minerals are involved in all enzyme reactions in the body and are fundamental to your health balance. You may think you take enough supplements, however the key is creating the right mineral balance ratio. Once those are balanced and replenished, most health issues which people tackle and try and correct in other ways can be addressed.

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