Dorn & Breuss Therapy

Rachael Inchboard

Dorn Spinal Therapy – Dorn Therapy isn”t a cure or a remedy but a ”Rebalance” (55min treatment)
• A safe gentle manual complimentary therapy focusing on the cause of back +joint pain and as a preventative.
• No clicking or crunching of joints. It works with the Therapist +Client working together to provide maximum benefit.
• Treats common health conditions as all the vertebra are linked through meridians and nerves to all organs and parts of the body-helps Migraines/energy blockages/ emotional conflicts
• For people of all ages.


The Breuss Spinal Massage – (Can be incorporated into the Dorn Therapy or as a separate 25min stand alone massage). A very gentle spinal mobilisation technique to relieve muscular tension and sciatic pain in the back or just for full relaxation, the effects are equal to a full night”s sleep. Safely nourishing, stretching and energising the spine, helping to regenerate and strengthen the vertebra – allowing it to breath.

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