Colonic Hydrotherapy

Janet Campling

Colonic irrigation is a very ancient treatment – so you can imagine the amount of treatments performed over the centuries, must out way clinical trials!

On arrival for your treatment you will sit for a while with my -self or therapist going through a case history as to ascertain a picture of how you are and anything else you wish to share.

An explanation of the treatment will be given and any questions answered I will need to know if medication and what it is has been prescribed for any health condition.

Disposable equipment is used for each person.

Before a treatment starts I check:

  • Spinal alignment
  • Examine the abdomen
  • Lymphatic congestion
  • Skin appearance
  • Breathing

At all times modesty is preserved by the use of a gown/towel.

The use of herbs if appropriate will be administered through the water into the colon this will enhance and assist in cleaning the bowel comfortably.

Reflex work on the meridians in the feet during the treatment not only tells me where in the body there is congestion it assists in releasing congested areas – also relaxing.

Treatment lasts approximately 40-45 minutes – allow 90 minutes for the first appointment.

Do not consume food 1-2 hours prior to treatment fluids can be taken NOT ALCOHOL.

During the treatment we will discuss diet and lifestyle.

The Colonic – a rectal examination will be performed to ascertain the health of the rectum before carrying out the procedure, a flow of warm filtered water will be gently introduced into the colon via the rectum this will be worked around the bowel – an in and out process of water takes place through out the treatment.

After the treatment you will visit the toilet to make sure you are comfortable and redress, we will then sit together and discuss what the treatment had shown in the way of digestion, absorption etc. Changes in diet and lifestyle may need to be addressed if investigations are required I will suggest a visit to the Doctor then a follow up appointment.

Confidentiality at all times.

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